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Add a twist to your entertainment at home with the 15' Steelflex Trampoline with Electron Shooter. This is an electronic shooter game where you use a hand-held remote for hitting targets along the trampoline perimeter. The Steelflex trampoline lets you test your accuracy while jumping in an exciting way.

What is the 15' Steelflex Trampoline with Electron Shooter?


The Steelflex trampoline is an outdoor trampoline shooter game for kids. It's made of a galvanized steel frame that's resistant to rust. The steel legs are painted and designed with foot grip for enhanced stability. This square trampoline is made with a TenCate Permatron jump mat, which is made in the USA and has undergone thousands of hours of UV testing. The spring covers on this kids' trampoline are padded to prevent entanglement, impact and unwanted compact. A patented design using a double-welded plate reinforces the joints and provides additional support. The enclosure ring is made of STLFLXX to prevent sagging and withstand added tension.


How Does the Steelflex Trampoline Work?


Have more fun outdoors while enjoying an exciting and challenging game with this patented trampoline shooter. Hold the remote and use it to shoot down targets in the form of spiders while jumping on a square trampoline. The more targets you shoot down, the more points you earn. It can help make getting exercise and spending time outside a lot more fun. This kids' trampoline is built from safe, rust-resistant material and features an integrated design to give extra stability and support on a flat surface. Use trampoline anchors if you want additional stability. This outdoor trampoline comes with padded poles for additional protection and an enclosure net that helps ensure that the kids remain safely inside while jumping.


Product Warranty


The 15' Steelflex Trampoline with Electron Shooter is manufactured by Sportspower Ltd. and comes with a 90-day material and workmanship defect guarantee for the pad, net and foam. The warranty can be extended to 180 days within 14 days from the date of purchase. The jump mat and steel frame have 2- and 3-year warranties respectively.


Policies & plans



  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame
  • Painted steel leg design with foot grip for stability 
  • USA-engineered TenCate Permatron jump mat withstands over 5000 hours of UV testing
  • Padded spring cover to prevent impact, contact and entanglement
  • Patented double-welded plate design to reinforce joints for additional support
  • STLFLXX enclosure ring for added tension and to prevent net sagging

Disclaimer: Only one user at a time. Adult supervision required at all times.




Bounce Pro warrants its steel frame for 7 years after the date of purchase, and the jump mat for 3 years. The overall product is warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase. This includes the spring pad, net enclosure and foam pads, as well as all swing set parts. Products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service conditions.


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15' Steelflex Trampoline with Electron Shooter

SKU: TR-0080-180

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